The first business session in 2022 Sharing of early development skills in the meeting


     On the afternoon of March 25, 2022, we welcomed the first business sharing meeting of this year. The meeting was held by video, and the theme of this meeting was sharing of early development skills. This year's sharing will be different from last year, we have cancelled the pk in team mode, and become one to one PK.JESSIEand Alex joined the war for the first time.

      The first thing to share is our beauty JESSIE, who has strong business ability in Beauty sweet. She mainly talks about the development premise, locking target and developing foreign middlemen. The development premise is to know the company and yourself, locking target is to find and contact customers. Then share 3 practical cases, from the occurrence of problems to solve the problem is how to resolve, and let the customer successfully order. It's full of dry stuff. She said that her mentor Joy was her role model. During the exchange, she felt his enthusiasm and original intention for development and foreign trade. She said that the early development needs time and energy, and all you need to do is stick to it and there will be harvest!

      Next is our humorous and promising young handsome Alex, he mainly from the market, products, customers these aspects of analysis, from the mature market, familiar products and high-quality customers to start more likely to succeed. Then he cited two practical cases, both of which were the cases of his mentor IRIS. From the analysis of the two cases, we can draw the following conclusions: first, seize the market opportunity and take advantage of the trend to impress customers with products. 2. Familiar with customers' purchasing habits, grasp the time of placing orders, and timely follow up to take orders. Yang Shitao said, as long as we are good enough, thorough research on products, markets and customers, we believe that the chemical foreign trade industry is promising, brilliant tomorrow is just around the horizon!

      To the most exciting part of the vote, respectively by their mentor for their votes, the battle was fierce, and finally Li Xiaohong won the race by a few votes.

      At the end, Mr. Pang gave great recognition to the new employees, whose spirit fit the company's value of "God helps those who help themselves." At the end, Mr. Pang encouraged everyone to do well in business and to have a big pattern and a high eq.