2022 Pangs first quarter summary meeting perfect end!


On April 27, 2022, Pangs Chemical held its first quarter 2022 summary meeting. The meeting was hosted by Feng Wanxian, a new talent and beauty of the sixth business division. The meeting is mainly divided into three contents: department manager speech, introduction of new people and General summary of Pang Bin.

Department manager speaks

GERAY, the humorous manager of the first division, made a speech. The speech is divided into three parts: business briefing, team building and prospect plan. Business from department and group data analysis, vertical and horizontal comparison. Team building has been steadily improved from newcomer billing to continuous learning, gradual responsibility, attention, coordination, service is always on the road, endless! In the prospect, he hopes that the new people open the order to set sail, hope and challenge, and recruit some excellent talents. Finally, new era, new world; See talent, see the future!

DANIEL, the handsome manager of the Second Business Division, made a speech, and the PPT content mainly analyzed the department data in 2022. New people start to emerge, team members have a reasonable structure, and risk and capital control are more mature. In the second quarter, I aim to increase sales, develop new customers and new products, and replenish new talents.

JUSTIN, the department manager of The Third Business Unit, made a speech. The PPT was divided into three parts: sales profit, summary and work plan for the second quarter. The sales volume of the department is on the rise, the transaction of new customers and the growth of new employees are made fast under the policy incentive of the company. Frequent order problems and single products without developing new products and new markets are the shortcomings. In the second quarter, we will strictly control order risks and develop new products and new markets.

Harvey, the promising young manager of the fourth Business Division, gave a speech, which was divided into four parts: quarterly summary, highlights and problems, work plan and prospects and expectations. In the data analysis of the department, there are some gaps with other departments, which need to be improved. Orders, sales and profits increased; The highlights of the first quarter are the product direction in line with the company's strategy and the capital circulation significantly improved compared with the same period last year. Work plan to strengthen customer development, expand customer base and reduce risks; Develop new products; Strengthen collection management to improve the speed of capital turnover; Strengthen the training of new people.

Arron, the manager of the fifth Division, said that the sales of the fifth division in the first quarter increased by 3.28 times compared to the same period, and the profit is expected to increase by 6 times and the settlement profit by 10 times. The growth rate of the department is fast, and the business of the department is basically stable. The first quarter harvested many excellent talents! Team building will be done well in the future; Responsible for the training of new employees in the department; The work plan of the second quarter is to increase the development of new customers and new markets.

Corner, the department manager of the sixth division, said that the sales and expected profits of the department need to be improved. Strive to reach monthly sales target twice; New salesmen can place orders is the expectation of the department in the second quarter.

Wang Dongjuan, the department manager of the Financial Department, gave a speech. She introduced the overall situation of the company's capital, the obligation indicators of each department, the business indicators of each group and the annual salary warning of the group.

Finally, River, the manager of our purchasing department, said that due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the price of crude oil keeps hitting new highs. The overall rise of chemicals after the downward trend, some products rebound; Affected by the international environment and the repeated epidemic situation in China, the unstable and sudden occurrence of the product trend increases.

The couple are introduced

As the company grows, new employees are coming in more and more. Here are the new employees of the first quarter:

                                                                                   Purchasing Department newcomerTan Shan


Finance department newcomer Yang Yujie


Tang Minxue, a newcomer in finance Department


Joyce, a newcomer of the first Business Division


Zoey, a newcomer of the first Business Division


Davis, a newcomer of the second Business Division


Alicia, a newcomer of the second Business Division


Lucia, a newcomer of the third division


Evelyn, a newcomer of the third Business Division


Teresa a newcomer of the fourth business Division


Leona, a newcomer of the fourth Business Division


The fifth Division newcomer Lincy 


Menry, new member of the fifth Division



ROy, a newcomer of the fifth Division


Tao, a newcomer from the sixth Business Division



In the end, Mr. Pang, the general manager of our company, made a summary of the meeting in the first quarter. He pointed out that the lack of coordination and departments, the concentration of products and markets requires breakthroughs. Innovation and development are bitter and happy, but under the leadership of the company, employees will be full of confidence. This is the end of the first quarter review, let's look forward to the next quarter review meeting.